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Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Helping Maintain Beautiful Floor's

MGS Restoration Ltd is a stone restoration company based in London. We specialise in natural stone diamond cutting and Terrazzo restoration in both residential and commercial properties. We work closely with the client, insurance loss adjusters and main contractors to ensure the works are completed efficiently and safely. 

Our skill set also covers natural stone bathrooms, kitchen worktops, external steps and staircases. Our diamond cutting and chemical cleaning service takes tired, damaged and scratched surfaces back to almost new. 

We work alongside property management companies on a variety of works to clean, polish and protect stone in high traffic areas such as foyers, lobbies, schools and churches. 

We offer free consultations and quotations on all of our works and our project managers will see the work through to completion ensuring all parties are satisfied with the works. 

We believe our proactive approach to working with our clients leaves them with a finished product of which to be proud.

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